So the 25th anniversary celebration on September 3rd, 2017 has now happened.   We will be preserving all the pages from the event.  Such as this one.  The main page leading up to the celebration day can be seen HERE.

Follows is the run-up information about the Picnic that happened on September 3rd, 2017. 

We will be adding more and more materials that have come from the celebration, and many more things, including photos and videos from family members.  And stories too. 



What's happening?

Diana is approaching her 25th anniversary on receiving her gift of life... a liver transplant in September, 1992. 

25 years. 

We are creating a celebration for Diana.  And to bring more awareness to transplantation... and.... the moment we mentioned this event to some family members... it instantly began blowing up and people are coming from all over the country to help Diana celebrate. So this will also be a wonderful family reunion.

As this is a pot-luck, we're asking local family and friends to please bring a dish to share and let us know if you are bringing a hot dish or cold dish e.g. salad or desert so we will know how things are spread out.  For family and friends coming from out of town, donating to the effort is cool too. 

Or more importantly to family and friends, don't worry about the pot-luck or anything... just come!  Diana wants to see you.

On that note, we are looking to have hamburgers, hot dogs, fried chicken, and the usual fixin's like salads and various drinks. So for those with food allergies/requirements, because this is a pot-luck, please bring food to help your dietary needs as well.

Her daddy liked these kinds of affairs so we're following in those footsteps of an outdoor shindig in a beautiful covered pavilion at Monument Valley Park in Colorado Springs.  The venue is easy to find as it is right off of the central interstate artery I-25. Close to Colorado Springs city center.

As this is Labor Day Weekend holiday, we planned this for the Sunday, Sept 3rd, so out of town folks will be able to travel over the long weekend.. including Monday which is part of the holiday. The celebration is 1-6pm Sunday...

We are planning a get-together somewhere for early arrivals on Saturday eve. We chose Carlos Miguels as it is really good food, and we could get reservations for a group.  For the address/directions and also to check out the menu, click HERE for the Carlos Miguels website.  And also an early Monday morning fete, like mebbe a breakfast.  These plans will be flushed out as we get closer. 

Note: an unfun part of this is as this is a city park; alcohol is not permitted.

You can contact us HERE


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