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Diana received a life saving liver transplant on September 6th, 1992. 

Diana has had 6 total joint replacements, an ankle fusion, and other surgeries.  To help her walk. 

Today is Diana's 30th Transplant Anniversay... Sept 6, 2022.  


Diana just celebrated her transplant 30th Anniversary.  September 6, 2022. 

Also, we learned through DNA testing that she is predominately Native American. Her family had always expressed that. This recent DNA testing, two tests, clearly show Diana has a high percentage of Native American. We are now trying to go deeper and figure out more specifically.. what tribe. The DNA maps all express towards northern New Mexico and northern Arizona.

And, we press forward with a myriad of medical followups which are voluminous. .


Dad's (The Colonel) Legacy Web Site


Welp, the 25th Anniversary has happened.  It was a beautiful day.  We estimate at one point there were 110 people, and mebbe 140ish came over the course of the day. 

We will be posting photos, and stories, as we go forward.  Just starting now...

And we are archiving the original materials that lead up to the Celebration.  Stay tuned as we process all the pics, will be bringing videos from the celebration... and family and friends are handing us some old archival pics and vids that we will be adding to the site too.

And read or re-read the two stories that Diana & David wrote below.  Diana and her journey, and David with his "On the Wedding Vows Backwards, and dating..."   There is a new addition to the Vows Backwards story as David added another piece to their vows puzzle....


Monument Valley Park is very easy to find and is located just north of the center of Colorado Springs, CO.  It is right off of I-25, the main north/south highway artery that runs through the city. 

The address is 170 W Cache La Poudre St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

The simple directions are:

- From I-25, you looking for the Uintah Street exit off of I-25 (Exit 143) which is one exit north of Colorado Springs city center.

- Head east or away from the mountains on Uintah.  Go 200 ft to the first light.  Make a right. 

- Follow the road which will make a couple of turns, right then left, for approx 3/4ths of a mile, until you see a parking lot, and signs for Monument Valley Park. 

- Park in this parking lot or in areas that spill over along the road you were just on. 

- The party will be beyond the parking lot a few hundred feet (south.. not that far.. mebbe a 90 second walk).  Look for the tennis courts, swimming pool, and the large pavilion is the center of the party.   Can't miss it. 

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